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Professional popping dance style tutorials | lessons | moves | classes | video | training for beginner and beyond.
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Core 4 Basic What is core 4 technique ? Popping is made up by isolation of joints and muscles. With this in mind then you must try to breakdown what it is and what to work on.  Isolation , angle and mind / music , each one of these ideas makes up our core foundation of teaching. The isolation will give you the hits and waves , Angles / Tutting will give you a good building ideas for dance and the mind is the ability to put everything together with the music as a guild. Popping / Hitting Popping is a technique that uses the idea of muscle contracting to produce a pop, hitting effect. By working on relaxing and contracting isolated muscle group, in time it builds a snapping effect that can look like a pop. This technique is the foundation of popping dance and it mostly use to keep up with the rhythm of a song. This technique can also be use to control a robotic looking movement. Joint Iso / Wave Waving is a technique using the ideas of bending the joins one at a time to form a wave movement. The basic foundation of the arm wave is knowing the 1st 3 join to bend. Wrist, elbow and shoulder is the 3 connecting join that form the 1st foundation of arm wave. By bending the 3 joints in a rolling motion , it will from a basic arm waves. Know the basic of the clicks technique will greatly help in performing a clean hard wave. Tutting / Angle Tutting is technique that is base from sets of foundational moves and rule of angles. It start with working on keep a clean 90 degree angle with your elbow. Some of the foundation are Boxes, Out side tutting , inside tutting and transformer. This technique is all about getting use to your comfort zone and then expand to more of a free style mind set. Mind Set / Music The last core technique is using your mind to move with the technique. This will be the answer for your " why " question. Music also will help you understand what level you are as far as using technique to express music . The mind is what make you who you are!  Philosophy We believe in teaching you’re the tool for the building blocks. The building blocks are the core 4 techniques and using that we will teach you how to create your own identity. Dance can be the end result of mastering the technique but it don’t have to be.  If you  want to treat the technique as a self training then that is what you want. The dance part only comes when you want to apply it in a dance format. We do not teach you style of dance like Hip hop, electric boogaloo .. Ect . There are other master teachers that can better teach you the style they created. We can teach you ideas on how you would use your technique but in no way we are here to teach you dance steps or moves. This is not what this academy is about. Our philosophy is always base on the core and using the strong foundation then nothing is impossible. What is stopping you are your own limitation of creatively . After mastering the 5 level of training . Student then can go on to create they own self or study under another master on the style they wish to learn. Mission Statement Popping Dance is one of the most complex dance style , from just the idea of isolating our body we are able to transform our ideas into movement. This can take more then a life time to master but with hard work there are no level that we can't reach .  The main goal of our school is to teach popping dance and give our student an opportunity to perform what they learn and use them in a creative way. Beside training our student to be the best that they can be, our goal is to build a future for our student and beyond. It is one of my life goal to see our future generations to have an opportunity to choose popping dance as a career with a define path. Too many talented popper get lost in our  society without the mean to make a living with their craft. I hope this school will be a way to build a system where student can come in and learn then use their skill to teach or perform with our company or use our training to create their own business. It is very important for popping dance style to be able to showcase itself as a true art form that can  provide a career for anyone that choose it. The Old School generation have given us this great dance style and its time for us to step up and build something great for the next generation and beyond. However I am only one man and this will only be possible if we all work together as a strong group. We are not just training our student to be a dancer, our goal is to help them turn into a professional performer , teacher , artist or what ever they want to become. When you want a real change the only way to do its to get up and do it yourself. This is the reason why I started this project is to bring great people together to build a better future for the dance style we all love. Thank you Tommy Hypno Chan
Core Foundation Mind Set Learn to forget what you learned. You can only be one with your body if you move with your will . Understand technique is not a dance and dance can be a technique. Never be trap with a style but let the style flow with in. Open mind to your weak point and turn that into your strong point. Never rush to flow to the music because music will flows through you. Foundation is what you train, style is who you are. Master of one technique will let you master all technique. Learn to teach and follow but never learn just to fit in. The power is from peace and never from hate. Learn to sit back and watch before showcase your own. When things are moving fast around you then you must learn to slow down your own time. Your eyes see your next move before you think of it. Love to work hard then hard work will be your love. The most complex element comes from the simplest form
 Academy 10 Codes #1 Respect your self so you can respect others. #2 You dance to be you not to become some one you see. #3 Always know why you are doing what you are doing. #4 We don’t watch our self dance but dance with in our self. #5 Discipline is the key for success.There is always someone out there working 10x harder then you. #6 Be true to what you do and who you are. #7 Learn to teach yourself so you can teach other. #8 Hard work then Fun, There will never be fun before hard work. #9 Worry about yourself and don’t judge other. #10 When you think you know something that is when you know nothing. So keep moving
 Welcome to Popping Dance Academy This site is created to help you learn our training system together with our training products. The best way to learn the dance is always going to be taking a live popping workshop from your local studio.  We hope this site will help those that can’t attend workshop or are training at home with our videos.  The main goal of this site is to help you be more organize with your training. What is on this site as far as training ? Our training products are base from our core 4 technique and 5 level base system . On this site we will be able to teach more ideas and higher level technique and thinking.  We will have video and blog to expand your learning beyond the foundation. What do we teach and don’t teach here. We teach you our core 4 technique which are - Hitting | popping ,  joint isolation  | Wave , Tutting | Angle and mind training | musicality .  All the moves we teach are all for drills . Any dance or movement training are all base from ideas and never base from steps We do not teach you dance style  like Hip hop, Electric Boogaloo , any dance steps or moves. There are master teachers that created or does these style and they would be a  much better  teacher for their own style. We do not teach any dance choreography. There are great teacher out there that does this well but this is not what our training is about. FAQ - If you want to do your own style then do you style and you don’t need to learn from other style. If you want to dance like a style then learn from the master of that style.  Just ask your self what you want to do but don’t lie to yourself . Just be happy and train. What is the basic idea of this core 4 and 5 level system ? Basic to the very basic! This idea is all about teaching you what you need to know as far as foundation. No wasting time and just train and drill the core technique. Some time beginner student waste too much time trying to find their style and move while they have no foundation yet. We teach you a no fancy system. You  drill and train hard on power and technique. Once you are done then you can start to look for your system and be yourself. Would this training be for everyone? No! This style of training is not for everyone.  For those that loves popping then they will fit right at home but for some this might be too much drills and no thrill. We are not about teaching moves but all techniques.